Sierra Nevada Lip Balm: Pucker Up With Some Cascade Hops

Sierra Nevada, craft brewer extraordinaire and maker of some very popular beers that span the spectrum, has announced a new product; one that contains plenty if hop oils but is completely free from malt and yeast. The product is Sierra Nevada Lip Balm and it joins mustard, tap handles, sweatshirts, and other non- beer items in the Sierra Nevada catalog.

Sierra Nevada Lip Balm might sound at first like a novelty item (I can just hear the bad humor right now), but this is a serious product meant to soothe and protect the lips. The lip balm is an all natural product containing hop oils and a minty scent/flavor. It even offers 15 SPF of protection and those who have tried it say that without Sierra Nevada’s name on the label, they would never know the product was hop- infused because it smells and tastes minty.


Sierra Nevada is marketing this product along with others in its growing catalog of non- beer items. This one is unique among the Sierra Nevada collection because it is the first one that is beauty oriented. The company has been selling shirts, pint glasses, coasters, etc. for some time, but Sierra Nevada Lip Balm is the first entry into the world of beauty and it will be interesting to see if Sierra Nevada continues to expand.  Could Sierra Nevada eye shadow and nail polish be just around the corner? It may sound far- fetched, but a year ago the thought of a craft brewery offering lip balm would have elicited a good chuckle and shaking of the head, yet the product is now reality.


At a cost of only one dollar, consumers could buy about eight tubes of Sierra Nevada Lip Balm for same cost as one six pack of Sierra Nevada pale ale. Its price is certainly economical, but I think I will keep my hops inside my glass of brew. The thought of Cascade hops glistening on my lips and not coating my stomach just seems like a waste of a good herb.