Spaten Optimator: German Doppelbock with Attitude

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Spaten Optimator is a Full- Bodied Doppelbock from Germany


Germany is home to many of the world’s oldest breweries and one that most beer lovers recognize is Spaten- Brau, a German brewer that has been in operation for more than 600 years. This brewery produces the popular American imports that carry the Spaten label and one of this brewery’s many fine products is Spaten Optimator, a doppelbock brew.
Beer Bio:
Style: Doppelbock
Alcohol Level: 7.2 Percent by Volume
Calories: 180 per 12 oz. serving
Carbs: 35.5 grams per 12 oz. serving
Spaten Optimator is dark brown in color and a good pour produces only a small amount of foam. The nose on this beer is caramel- like and complex. The flavor combines a small amount of chocolate, dark malts, caramel, and nuts. Beneath these flavors are hints of plums, toffee, and toasted malt. The tasting ends with a rush of earthy hops and a very pleasant aftertaste of caramelized malt with a touch of brown sugar.
Spaten Optimator is a tasty doppelbook beer made by the ancient Spaten- Brau Brewing Company in Munich Germany. This brewery was founded in 1397 and it makes many fine brews for Germany and the world. Most people know Spaten for its popular lager import, but this doppelbock is easily the tastier of the two. It offers a full- bodied taste with a malty flavor that doesn’t quit. The elevated level of alcohol is obvious, too. However, it isn’t as noticeable as it might otherwise be, due to the sweet contributions from the malt. You can most certainly tell the beer is stronger, but it doesn’t have the bitter- alcohol finish common with strong ales. .
Even though Spaten Optimator is full- bodied in taste, it’s aroma is a little more on the subtle side. I found this unusual when I tasted this beer for the first time. The nose is actually rather mild, even though obviously complex. I expected a flavor that was more in line with aroma, but the taste is more intense, making for a pleasant drinking experience when you’re in the mood for a full- flavored brew.
Spaten Optimator is a solid doppelbook beer that will impress those who consider themselves fans of this style. I enjoy it very much, and I appreciate the full body and the complexity that never quits. I would like it better if Spaten took better care to package this product in dark brown bottles, but this is still a very good, complex brew from one of the world’s oldest breweries.
Rating: 8 Cheers out of 10

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