Set Sail with Full Sail Amber

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Full Sail Amber is a Tasty, Enjoyable Brew


Oregon is a great state for many reasons, but chief among them has to be the many craft brewing operations that dot the Oregonian landscape. One of the largest and best- known is Full Sail Brewing, a Hood River Oregon operation, and one of its many tasty brews is Full Sail Amber, a American amber ale.
Beer Bio:
Style: Amber Ale
Calories: Unknown
Carbs: Unknown
Alcohol Content: 5.5 percent by volume
Brewed using two- row pale malt, crystal malt, and chocolate malt with Cascade and Mt. Hood Hops, Full Sail Amber Ale is a tan/reddish colored brew with a clear body. This beer offers a nose that is bready, with caramel notes and background hints of fruit.
Full Sail Amber is a tasty brew with flavors of caramelized malt, followed by the taste of citrus, apple, pine, and bitter hops. There is a little bit of chocolate in the middle, and the bitter finish eventually fades into a very pleasant aftertaste of caramelized malt.
Full Sail is known for creating many highly drinkable beers and Full Sail Amber is certainly one of them. Beer drinkers will immediately recognize and appreciate the good deal of balance in this beer. You get the very pleasant, very enjoyable flavors of sweet caramelized and chocolate malts along with a balancing dose Cascade and Mt. Hood hops. The bitterness rating of Full Sail Amber is 42, which is moderate, yet it will still be described as rather sweet by many people. In reality, it is a very well balanced brew that most anyone will enjoy.
Full Sail Amber is easier to find than other amber brews, thanks to the widespread distribution of its products. And another advantage is the price- it is lower than that of most craft beers, amber or otherwise. The brewery is employee- owned and this is likely part of the reason the prices are kept under control.
A great session beer, Full Sail Amber is a very tasty amber ale that very much fits the description “bread in a bottle.” It is one of the few beer products capable of satisfying most anyone who tries it- from craft beer rookie to seasoned beer connoisseur. Try some today, if you haven’t already, and you will understand fully why I recommend Full Sail Amber Ale for your basic beer needs.
Rating: 8 Cheers out of 10

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