Rio Blanco Pale Ale sees Gold

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Rio Blanco Pale Ale is an Interesting Brew


Brewing is growing in popularity in the state of Texas and new craft brewing operations continue to make themselves known each year. One brewery that is making a name for itself is Real Ale, located just outside Austin. One of its signature brews is Rio Blanco Pale Ale, an award winning brew.
Beer Bio:
Style: American Pale Ale
Calories: Unknown
Carbs: Unknown
Alcohol Content: 5.3 percent by volume
Rio Blanco Pale Ale is a golden- colored pale ale with a slight amount of haze due to lack of filtering. A good pour results in a nice, fluffy head of foam that does fall aprt rather quickly, but manages to leave lace as it goes. The aroma of this ale isn’t very powerful, but it does contain citrus notes, honey, and earthy qualities.
Moving to the taste, Rio Blanco Pale Ale has an interesting flavor profile. It starts out with the taste of biscuity malts, honey, and citrus. There is a certain peppery quality to this beer, along with grassy notes. The product is medium bodied and pleasant to drink.
Rio Blanco Pale Ale is classified as an American Pale Ale, but I think it would be more accurate to describe this beer as a cross between an American and an English pale ale, since it has qualities of both along with Czech Saaz hops for a unique taste. Its flavor profile matches its aroma, but one pleasant surprise is that the flavors are much more pronounced than the nose. The scent of this beer is complex and interesting but quite mild and when I first sampled this beer, I was concerned that the taste of this beer was going to be weak. However, the flavor profile is more pronounced than expected and it makes for an enjoyable experience.
Rio Blanco Pale Ale is an interestingly complex brew that is certainly worthy of a sampling. It took home a gold medal in the 2010 Great American Beer Festival, so it obviously has something to offer. I don’t necessarily count it among my all- time favorite pale ale products, but I agree that this is a tasty pale ale and one worth trying if you get the chance.
Rating: 8 Cheers out of 10

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