Redd’s Brewing Company Introduces Redd’s Apple Ale

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Are you a fan of ciders? Do you like beer just as much if not more? If you like the occasional fruity cider but wish it had a little more flavor of malt, then you might enjoy a new product introduced just days ago. It is Redd’s Apple Ale, a product brewed by Redd’s Brewing Company- a Miller Coors affiliate- located in Albany, Georgia.


According to the manufacturer, this adult beverage is an apple flavored golden ale with some maltiness, but low bitterness. The ale has been described as leaning toward the sweet side with an overall profile that is crisp and refreshing- the perfect choice when you want something a little different from the average beer. Miller Coors is launching this product to compete with the fruitier malt beverages and malt coolers on the store shelves- products like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff malt coolers, and other products like them.

Sold in six packs of 12 oz. bottles, Redd’s Apple Ale has an alcohol rating of 5 percent by volume and a calorie count of 165 per 12 oz. bottle. These numbers are about in- line with the typical beeror malt cooler and other than those who imbibe only the very lightest and lowest calorie beer, the alcohol and calories shouldn’t discourage too many potential buyers.

Redd’s Apple Ale is now available in parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. To find if it is sold in your area of one of these ten states, visit the Redd’s Apple Ale web site. If the product catches on and sales are solid, it may very well expand into other states within the next several months.

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  1. Robert Proctor says

    Redd’s probably ought to very clearly state on the packaging the the product is NOT gluten free. The only reason I bought it was because I thought that it was derived from apples and it took a long time on line to track down the “gluten” answer. There are so few good tasting GF “beers” that people are really hungry for a new , good one and will be buying Apple Ale because they think that is probably GF. Their stomach ache will let them know that it is not.

    Bob Proctor
    Indianpolis, IN.

    • Darius Duong says


      The Omission Gluten free beers are amazing. It has taken a while for me to find a GF beer that actually taste like a good beer. Enjoy.

      Wilmington, NC

        • Jesse says

          Most things are not completely gluten free even if it is says so on the label. As long it is lower then 20 parts per million it is considered GF on the USA. If it says GF it is safe to drink.

      • Jenkins says

        While some people do not show reactions to Omission beers, many people do. Omission is created with traditional malts (claimed to be naturally lower in gluten content) and then (I’m lead to believe by the homebrew community) use enzymes to break down the gluten proteins. This doesn’t work for many people for two reasons. 1: Gluten level testing is considered inaccurate and the ppm levels may mean nothing certain patients. (Extremely) low gluten is still gluten. 2: When gluten is broken down, it yields hordein. Many gluten intolerant/Celiac patients have the same reaction to hordein.
        I can drink one Omission and be fine. I can’t drink two without having acid reflux and diarrhea. My sister can’t even have a sip. In my search for good gluten free beer, I succeeded in learning to just brew it myself.

    • says

      Try Estrella Damm. Its a spanish beer that tastes just like beer ! My wife who is Celiac tried it at a gluten free fair and have bought it for the last 3 years or so.

      • kerri says

        Estrella is not GF either …it ia less than 20 pp million. However I have Celiacs and its doesnt bother me either. But they say it still does the damage.

    • Elise says

      I came to this website to find this exact question. Redd’s is a malt beverage that is not gluten-free. For gluten-free, get true hard cider, such as Red Rock, Angry Orchard, Woodchuck or Johnny Appleseed (which you like best is a matter of personal taste. I like Angry Orchard Crisp Apple best.) These are fermented apple juice and so do not have the gluten of a wheat or barley beverage like beer or malt liquor or fruity beers/ales.

      • Angie says

        Thank you! I’ve been so sick- I’m not GF, but hav malt and yeast allergies- I was trusting someone else’s information and have been drinking Redd’s. Was eliminating everything else from my diet except read this – foolish me. Thanks again. TGIF

  2. Joe Love says

    I seriously doubt the author of this article tasted Redd’s Apple Ale before he wrote it. There is NO malt flavor. It tastes like watered down, carbonated apple juice that was sweetened with aspartame. And at $8.79 a six pack it’s a total rip. Don’t waste your time or money.

    • says

      Hi, and thanks for commenting! No, I did not try Redd’s Apple Ale. As the article clearly states, these “facts” were provided by the manufacturer and we all know that manufacturers are prone to exaggeration about their products. This was not intended as a review and it is not written as a review. It is an information piece based on information from the brewer.

      • Dawn Becker says

        I liked it. It doesn’t taste watered down at all. I do agree that there is no malt flavor, which is great for me.

  3. Leslie Harrison says

    ….this was WAY better than we thought – if you LIKE apples, and we LOVE apples, then you will enjoy this truly CRISP ale. We are beer people and will continue to buy and drink beer – but we have added this to our cooler rotation – totally taking it to the campsite at our next NASCAR race in Martinsville VA ! Cheers – and job well done.

  4. Mark Strickland says

    I contacted the company and they told me REDD’S Apple Ale was analyzed using the ELISA test and gluten was under the detectable limit of 2.5 parts per million.

    • Beth Van Nostrand says

      I just bought some of this tonight for the first time in Gainesville FL, where I’m from (we have Nascar going on here right now… although I’m not a huge fan)… March 17, 2013…I’m more than a bit gluten intolerant (but LOVE my beer) so I’ll tell you tomorrow if I have really itchy eyes or a big sore belly..I like it so far…has a nice crisp apple taste and good carbonation..tasty, so far…I’m still worried about the gluten content, but it sounds like it’s really low, and I do like the flavor quite a bit.

  5. Wendy says

    I agree with the post about omission ale, it is quite tasty. We have a bevMo in town and they have an entire section of gluten free beer and cider. Have had some delicious cider even though I didn’t consider myself a cider drinker and a great,yet expensive, Belgium white beer. I am for one just happy there is starting to be more gluten free options available.

  6. Tammie says

    Well this is the first and certainly not the last time I have REDD’S it’ great. GOOD JOB ONTHIS ONE GUYS.

  7. HAASMAN says

    i served in the air force,one of my many tours included two raf bases in england,there they had an apple ale on tap or by the litre,it was called woodpecker cider,thats when i was hooked serving in italy shortly after there was this base called remni,they had different pubs there including english ones that had woodpecker on tap.after returning to the states i looked high and low for any thing that was close to this wonderfull taste i did find a place in meadville,pa,that had woodpecker by the litre.seeems some students from alleghany college went to england and liked it so much that this wine shoppe ordered the brew sadly this trend only lasted a few years and ive finnaly found the taste ive been looking for.Reda Apple Ale

      • Elise says

        I bought a twelve pack of Woodchuck, which had three bottles each of 4 types. I didn’t like three of the four types, and since the variety pack is all they sell here in Central Virginia, I won’t buy it again. I prefer Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, which you can buy in 6- and 12-packs.

  8. dianelle says

    I feel inlove with this beer at first when i tried it two weeks ago i started to by more i adveritzed it to all my friends and family how great it taste and that its a light beer and has 5% alcohol more then your regular beer. But theeennnnnnnn later lil did i know that the pain i started developing in my stomach was from that beer. I have always been a very healthy person have never had any health issues with my body until now Red’s Apple Ale gave me GERD after only drinking one one night after watch my show i head for bed and with in an hour later my upper body chest esophagus stomach was on fire and the pain was unbearable. I knew I had to throw up and take some of this acid out. For eight hours until right now were I’m at the hospital writing this so that maybe i may be able to save someone from this pain in the future DONT TAKE IT. IT CAUSES YOU REALLY BAD Acid reflux. and like any beer its no good to your body but i hardly ever drink and for the first time i thought i found a beer i love and it became a nightmare.

    • Didn't mess me up says

      It most certainly has not given me really bad acid reflux. Sorry about your situation, but I don’t think that’s a typical reaction. It’s really not that great of a drink and it’s more in line with Mike’s Hard Lemonade than most beers, but, at the very least, it didn’t give me any problems.

  9. Ghislaine Mcgartland says

    Gluten is the composite of a gliadin and a glutenin, which is conjoined with starch in the endosperm of various grass-related grains. The prolamin and glutelin from wheat (gliadin, which is alcohol-soluble, and glutenin, which is only soluble in dilute acids or alkalis) constitute about 80% of the protein contained in wheat fruit. Being insoluble in water, they can be purified by washing away the associated starch. Worldwide, gluten is a source of protein, both in foods prepared directly from sources containing it, and as an additive to foods otherwise low in protein.*

    Best wishes

  10. Elynn says

    I tried this for the first time and I do have issues with yeast but usually drink Zinfandel Wine. I loved it! I am concerned about the yeast content. Is it comparable with Wine or does it have more? Thanks.

  11. Franky says

    If you want a gluten free beer stick with Redbridge. A gluten free apple cider would be Angry Orchard. Both cases and bottles say gluten free and taste very good.

  12. Dakota says

    Just bought this product because i thought it was gluten free like most crisp ciders…after reading it is infact NOT gluten free i wasted the $8.00 i spent on this product due to the packaging not stating it is NOT gluten free! VERYYYYY DISAPPOINTED!

    • says

      A good rule of thumb is assume all beer has gluten uless stated otherwise,,,,just like finding fat free or sugar free food.
      I love redds’ It reminds me of the no longer available malt duck. I can taste the malt and I love it…but I can only drink one at a time…corona is only 20ppm on gluten . I can drink afew more of tose but I love the redds apple ale

  13. Polly Howard says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beer! It’s so refreshing with a great flavor. I’m a huge fan! I have given this to all of my friends. I’m in Maryland and our local liquor store says they can’t keep it on the shelves because it’s so popular.
    What is the nutritional value so I can track this in Spark People?

    Polly Howard

  14. Debbie says

    I recently tried New Grist brewed and bottled by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI and it is gluten free and delicious. If you liked Blue Moon and are missing it, here is a substitute and you won’t even know it. Try it out on your friends too. I live in northern New Jersey and it is getting easier to find. it’s now at Stew Leonards and Fairway Markets

  15. says

    i agree redd’s apple ale is the bottom of the barrel! its cheaper than other “ciders” but it is NOT worth it!! it actually says “apple flavoring” in the ingredients, there is no actual apple juice or cider in it!! it literally tastes like water with flavoring and alcohol and sugar. it is not gluten free, it is apple flavored piss water!!

  16. Don says

    After years of searching for a beer that doesn’t have a bitter bite to it , I’ve found Redds Apple Ale. It’s The best ever. My wife doesn’t like beer, but will drink this with me all the time. Two thumbs up Redds! The price is a little much though.

  17. says

    I was hoping for the best when I bought this, but was sadly disappointed by the horrible fake sugar aftertaste. It gave me a stomach ache like as if I had just drank some diet soda or something with sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame. I called the company and I feel the person on the phone lied to me when they told me they they only used all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. I declare shenanigans.

  18. MSquel says

    Someone here said the gluten was 2.5 ppm (parts per million) of this Redd’s Apple Ale. Technically, while not totally without gluten, that’s good enough to have the Gluten Free label! Remember this always: USDA Gluten Free labeling allows that any food under 20.0 ppm be marked as Gluten Free on the label. It isn’t completely GF. It doesn’t have to be. Ask your doctor for more, but my doctor said that 20.0 ppm is very very small and should not cause flare ups.

    If you are in the very small very very minority who are basically a gluten detector, you need to take the matter up with your congressperson, but according to these posts 2.5 ppm is GF. I don’t even know if chemists could find the gluten in 20.0 ppm.

  19. J Styles Miller says

    It’s a freaking ale!!! If it were gf it would say so…even if it was made as a cider… And if you drink wine and worry bout yeast content of a BEER the stick to wine… Shheeeez trolls… Buy one if ya don’t like it oh well. If you do than fantastic; join the club… Ale up!!!

    – J Styles Miller

  20. Paddy Vanderpant says

    I am currently in South America so those saying to man up and buy something else are wrong. I did not find anuly ciders from Mexico to Panama even in Irish bars. I am fine with Coronas, we are not all hugely intolerant. I just need confirmation Redds is similar gluten content to Corona. I am frankly sick of drinking Rum and Cokes haha! Any reasonable responses would really help me out. 4 months without a cider is going to kill me ha. Cheers Paddy

  21. Paddy Vanderpant says

    J Styles Miller is the type of unreasonable human being I dislike the most. If you are going to try and ‘troll’ people you should at least be funny. By the way giving yourself the Styles does not make you an interesting person

  22. Allyn says

    I tried it once and was hooked…LOVE IT.. Angry orchard is very good too but I don’t see it being worth the price far as GF remember IT”S AN ALE..If you cant handle drinking beer or other adult drinks then don”t, just quit whining if you do

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