Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is Agreeable and Enjoyable

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Pale ale as a spring seasonal?


Seasonal beer is something I always look forward to. Fall brings us Octoberfest and pumpkin ales. Winter brings us spicy brew and Spring brings bock. Summer is usually a time to sip on some lighter, wheat- based brew but every so often, brewers surprise us with a non- traditional seasonal beer. Such is the case with Pyramid Fling Pale Ale, a Spring seasonal beer from the popular Seattle, Washington brewery. Let’s take a closer look at this ale:
Beer Bio:
Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol Level: 5.2 percent by volume
Calories: Unknown
Carbs: Unknown
Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is golden in color and there is a slight haze to the body. The aroma of this beer is pleasant and combines bread- like malts, fruit, and earthy hops. The foam on this beer isn’t too bad but it tends to fall apart rather quickly. And the taste, well, it is pretty much like you expect. It offers bready malts up front, fruity citrus esters in the middle, and slightly bitter hops that dry out the finish.
Released as a spring seasonal, Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is the latest beer offering from Pyramid Brewing. Most every fan of craft beer knows at least a little about Pyramid and has likely tried several of the company’s staple brews. Pyramid’s products are agreeable, enjoyable, and non- offensive and Pyramid Fling Pale Ale fits these descriptions quite nicely. It offers a flavor profile that is interesting even if not exciting, and it is certainly acceptable to beer drinkers at large.
What I like best about Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is that it offers the good taste of four different hops but it doesn’t take its hop empowerment to extreme levels. Don’t get me wrong- I am a hophead by nature and love the taste of a big, hoppy brew. But sometimes, I want my hops a little on the tamer side. With Pyramid Fling Pale Ale, you get exactly that: a beer with obvious hop attributes but with a bitterness level at a moderate to low level of only 36 IBU.
Another thing I like about Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is the way the taste sensations transition from one sip to the next. You get some sweet sensations, dry, bitter, and even a touch of sour. This makes for an interesting combination of flavors, but one thing that is a slight letdown is the fact that these different sensations are rather non- assertive in nature. It is nice to experience so many different flavors, but as you imbibe, you are likely to wish the tastes were more pronounced.
I look forward to changes in seasons because it means more beer to sample. Pale ale is not a style normally associated with a season, but Pyramid Fling Pale Ale is a nice change of pace and while it might be a little too benign for the serious pale ale lover, it has enough good points to consider it for your next beer drinking adventure.
Rating: 7 Cheers out of 10

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