Left Hand Imperial Stout Stimulates the Mind and Senses

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This is a luxurious and memorable stout!


Many of the nation’s finest and/or best known craft brewing operations are located in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, with the majority centered in and around the Denver metropolitan area. Several of these breweries have developed a national reputation for producing some fine malt beverages and one of them is Left Hand Brewing, located in Longmont, Colorado, just a short drive north of Denver. This brewery produces a wide range of beer products and one of its best is Left Hand Imperial Stout, a dark, rich brew.
Beer Bio:
Style:Imperial Stout
Alcohol Level: 10.4 percent by volume
Calories: Unknown (but likely around 250 per 12 oz. serving)
Carbs: Unknown
Left Hand Imperial Stout impresses from the very beginning. This beer pours to a dark brown color and presents a solid head of foam. The nose on Left Hand Imperial Stout is complex and memorable. It combines roasted malt, coffee, cherries, prunes, and molasses and it certainly whets the appetite for the sensuous pleasure that soon awaits.
Does Left Hand Imperial Stout taste as good as expected? You bet it does! Left Hand Imperial Stout offers an array of flavors that include chocolate, espresso, roasted coffee, plums, and toffee. Sweet malts greet the palate upon the first sip, followed by the bitter sensation from hops and alcohol. The aftertaste of alcohol is noticeable in the back of the mouth while the flavor of bread and roasted malts coats the lips. This stout is brewed using Munich, two- row, crystal, roasted barley, flaked oats, and black patent malts. Magnum and Goldings hops are added to the mix to create a stout that is warm and inviting. This stout is like a dessert, with a luxurious and bold character that is ready and able to satisfy all of your senses.
Imperial stout is stronger than the average brew and Left Hand Imperial Stout is no different. It contains 10.4 percent alcohol by volume and you can feel the burn of the alcohol as you imbibe. However, there is nothing to worry about because I have found that the alcoholic burn slowly fades over time and becomes less and less significant. I have also found that, much like other stouts, Left Hand Imperial Stout tastes best if allowed to warm slightly. Allow it to warm up a few degrees and you will start to notice more and more complex flavors.
Stout is an incredible beverage and Left Hand Imperial Stout is one of my favorites. I like to spend a good deal of time drinking a glass of this fine brew, contemplating the different flavors while also pondering over the philosophical issues of our time. It’s thought- provoking and delicious!
Rating: 10 Cheers out of 10

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