Guinness Stout: Irish Dry Stout for the Masses

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Ask someone to name a brand of stout and Guinness Stout is the brand they are most likely to name. Guinness Stout set the standard by which other stouts are measured and for a while it was often the only stout beer product available in different parts of the United States.

Today, Guinness Stout it has its share of competition but many people continue to return to Guinness Stout when they feel nostalgic for the days when a pint of Guinness Stout was enjoyed among friends at their favorite Irish pub.


Looking at the characteristics of this beer, Guinness Stout is a dark brown beer with a roasted, coffee- like, earthy aroma and a nice, creamy head of foam. Guinness Stout offers a tasty flavor profile that combines roasted, slightly burnt malt notes, coffee, and even a touch of bitter chocolate. This taste then makes way to the bittering sensation when the hops take over and it remains dry from that point forward.
Guinness Stout is a dry ale with a loyal following and it rates as the best- selling stout in the world. Its quality has changed over the years and one of the main problems with rating Guinness Stout is that there are so many varieties of this stout available for consumption. There is Guiness Extra Stout (the one I am most familiar with), Guiness Draught in the nitro- packed can, and different imported versions as well. There are distinct differences among these different versions of Guinness Stout and even fans of Guinness admit to liking one version very much while strongly disliking another version.
I still like my Guinness Stout and it will always rank among my favorite stout import beer products. I can think of several American craft brewed stout that I like better, but Guinness Stout is still a very good, classic Irish dry stout and it makes a good choice of brew when you want something a little more daring than average without going to extremes.
Rating: 8 Cheers out of 10

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