Friesenhaus German Restaurant: Tasty German fare and great beer

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Friesenhaus in a New Braunfels, Texas specialty


Ethnic restaurants are often an enjoyable experience. They offer a nice change of pace from the usual American food and while most ethnic restaurants focus their attention on the food common to a specific country or region, some emphasize beverages. German restaurants have both ends covered and one nice German Restaurant I visited recently is Friesenhaus German restaurant, located in downtown New Braunfels, Texas.
Friesenhaus offers a full menu that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner entres along with appetizers, desserts, and several beverages. The food offered at Friesenhaus includes typical German fare such as sausage, sauerkraut, sauerbraten, German potato salad, Black Forest cake, etc. The menu is extensive and offers enough options to satisfy most individual taste preferences. Customers won’t find many food options that don’t fit the traditional German spectrum, so this is certainly not a good place to visit unless you’re in the mood for brats, potatoes, and cabbage.
No German restaurant would be complete without beer and Friesenhaus has plenty of brew to offer. Beer is sold in one- third liter, one- half liter, or one full liter sizes and includes many German brews such as Spaten, Konig, Paulener, Hofbrau, Warsteiner, Franziskaner, and more. Like with the food, Friesenhaus doesn’t offer much for the person who doesn’t have a craving for German brew. In fact, there are no non- German beers on the menu at all, which is a little surprising, but certainly respectable. German wines and a noteworthy tea list round out the beverage offerings.
The food quality at Friesenhaus is certainly better than average and, along with the atmosphere and entertainment, it has an authentic German flair. However, if there is one area worthy of criticism, it would be the portion sizes and prices. Dinner entrees are all priced in the $10 to $20 range and while this isn’t necessarily cause for alarm, the small portions are a disappointment. Each entrĂ©e easily fits on a single dinner plate and is not likely to satisfy most customers’ appetites. Starting off with an appetizer is a good idea and may be necessary.
I like authenthic German food and Friesenhaus German restaurant in New Braunfels is certainly an establishment worthy of a visit. The food is tasty, the entertainment is fun, and the beer selection is excellent. Add to that a small gift shop and bakery and you have a restaurant deserving of a recommendation.
Rating: 8 Cheers out of 10

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