Blue Moon Pale Moon: Worthy of the Belgian Label?

Pale Moon is a Belgian Pale Ale, but is it worthy of the name?


Blue Moon is a carfty- brewing operation fully owned by Molson Coors. This company is best known for its Blue Moon Belgian White but it continues to expand and one of its newer products is Blue Moon Pale Moon, a Belgian pale ale style brew. This product can be found in Blue Moon sampler packs, rounding out the product offerings with a different style.
Beer Bio:
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
Alcohol Level: 5.4 percent by volume
Calories: Unknown
Carbs: Unknown
Examining Blue Moon Pale Moon Belgian Pale Ale yields few surprises. The beer pours to a light copper color with a crystal clear body and a nose that is a little bit fruity and a little toasty and caramel- like. A decent head of foam adorns the top of your glass, but it fades away in due time. The taste combines bready caramel malts, graininess, floral notes, and a touch of spice. There is a certain herbal character than lingers long after your last sip.
Blue Moon Pale Moon Belgian Pale Ale was introduced on a national scale in 2009 and it is certainly a beer with promise. Belgian style beer is considered one of the finest in the world, so when I first learned that Blue Moon was introducing a Belgian Pale Ale, my curiosity was piqued and my appetite whetted. However, I quickly learned that Blue Moon Pale Moon Belgian Pale Ale is not a classic Belgian brew and isn’t really worthy of the “Belgian” part of the name. It is a little on the thin side and even though the addition of hibiscus and orange peel sounds promising, the taste of the beer isn’t as good as expected, in part because these extra ingredients are used in such scant quantities. The same is true with the hops. A quick scan of the ingredients reveals (among other things) cascade hops, but they are barely noticeable and the taste doesn’t come even close to some of the hearty cascade- enhanced beer products brewed throughout the United States.
Blue Moon Pale Moon Belgian Pale Ale doesn’t compare to the best Belgian ales, but it isn’t a bad beer overall. Probably the most interesting aspect of this beer (and the one that ultimately redeems it) is the herbal character. This taste sensation is detectable in the finish and the flavor remains on the back of the tongue long after the final sip. This is certainly interesting, but not enough to override the generally tame nature of this beer.
So, the final verdict on Blue Moon Pale Moon Belgian Pale Ale is mixed. It isn’t a bad beer, but it isd far from the classic brew it could have been. It is actually rather boring and is deserving of the most middle rating possible. It isn’t worthy of its name, but the herbal character and the drinkable nature make it good enough for a sample.
Rating: 5 Cheers out of 10

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