Beer: Coming soon to a Starbucks near you

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Craft beer at Starbucks could become the industry norm


Something is brewing at Starbucks, and it isn’t a hot cup of java with extra sugar and whipped cream. The Seattle- based coffee house is trying something new- something it hopes may catch on with the public and drive sales higher. That something is beer and wine. Yes, Starbucks has decided to offer beer in wine at its Seattle locations and it is a trend that may spread to other Starbucks locations throughout the U.S. and the world.
Starbucks has always been known for its gourmet coffee, tea, and compatible snack foods and it has enjoyed a large following- not to mention thousands of store locations. However, there is one fact that bothers Starbucks senior managers: Inconsistent sales. You see, Starbucks sells most of its food and drink before 2pm. This leaves a large portion of each day with few sales and mostly empty seats. The stores are open, of course, but they don’t have anything to offer the after work or dinner crowd.
Starbucks is hoping to change all of this by expanding the drink lineup to include beer and wine. By offering adult beverages, Starbucks is hoping that employees at area businesses will consider Starbucks as a possible stopping point after a hard day at work. They are hoping that additional food options (Starbucks is expanding the food options also) will encourage customers to not only enjoy a drink, but also to considering having dinner at what was once their favorite coffee house.
The idea of selling beer, wine, and an expanded food menu is still in the test stages and only a few Starbucks locations in the Seattle area offer such deviations from the usual menu. If this concept proves successful and drives sales higher, expect to see more and more Starbucks locations offering porter, pilsner, and sauvignon blanc in place of the usual frappuccino.

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    I have 2 gift card for Starbucks but who wants to drink coffee woithut something yummy to got with it. We want the orange valencia dessert to come back!!!!! Please!!!! I can buy the Kind bars anywhere else.

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