Beer: A Better Match for Food than Wine

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Beer can be every bit as good with food than wine, and some would say it’s even better.


When most people think about pairing an alcoholic beverage with food, they usually think of wine. After all, wine is often promoted for its compatibility with different types of food so it isn’t surprising that people think in this manner. But beer can be every bit as compatible with food and in this book, The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food, author and brewmaster Garret Oliver presents a highly convincing case to drop your bias against beer and consider hops over grapes when you serve your next meal.
A large percentage of beer aficianados are familiar with Garret Oliver, but casual drinkers may have never heard his name. He is the brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewing Company and a man who certainly knows the subject of beer inside and out. Oliver not only knows how to make some very fine brew, he also knows the intricacies of the craft and has written many books on the subject of beer.
With this book, The Brewmaster’s Table, Garret sets out to educate the reader on beer and food. He makes recommendations for matching the right style with the right foods, with specific examples of brands that make very good choices for certain foods. He begins the chapters of the book talking about the history of each style and then follows this with some recommendations on the more exemplary examples of the style.
Oilver is very passionate in his beliefs and very convincing with his writing. Those who think wine is a better match with food should open this book and take its advice to heart. Oliver has a very well- developed palate and he has certainly completed his homework in The Brewmaster’s Table. Try some of these beer products and food
suggestions and you will understand Oliver’s passion for fine brew. His book is one of the best I have read on this subject thus far!

Rating: 10 Cheers out of 10

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