American Pale Ale with Dry Hopping

Want to brew a good, basic pale ale that involves malt extract and only the basic ingredients? Read on.

Pale Ale: A recipe based on malt extract
• 5 pounds light dry malt extract, unhopped
• 1/2 pound dark crystal malt
• 3 ounces Cascade hops (1 oz. for the entire 60 minute boil; 0.5 oz. to add at 30 minutes; 0.5 oz. to add with 10 minutes to go; 1 oz. for dry hopping)
• American ale yeast
Boil the malts and add hops at the designated time intervals mentioned above. To dry hop, add hops after the boil and after fermentation. When your beer has completed fermenting, you need to rack it in a second glass carboy. The beer and final dose of hops are added to the second carboy where it will remain for one to three weeks. No fermentation takes place here. Rather, the beer gains additional flavoring from the final encounter with additional hops.
The other steps in the brewing process (cooling, pitching the yeast, bottling, etc.) remain as normal. This is a simple recipe that will produce an American style pale ale with a west coast flavor.


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