2nd Annual Bikini Beer Festival coming to PICNIC at Downtown Grand

Picnic at Downtown Grand

Got some time on your hands this Labor Day weekend? If your plans are open and you feel like getting away for a beer- themed event in Las Vegas, the PICNIC at Downtown [Read more...]

Dark Horse Nation brings Craft Beer to Reality Television


A new reality show is coming to the History Channel, and it proves once again what we already knew: Craft beer is on the rise and its influence is spreading to all realms of [Read more...]

Sapporo Premium Lager: Easy Drinking Beer made in Japan



Some beer products are synonymous with different countries or regions. Foster’s Lager is known for its Australian Roots. Molson is well- connected with Canada and practically no one can pop open a Corona and not think of [Read more...]

Build Your Own Kegerator in 11 Easy Steps


Wouldn’t you love to have your own kegerator in your home? Freshly drawn beer, straight from a keg, and right there, just a pull of the tap away from your outstretched hands? There are companies that sell kegerators, but the price alone discourages most of us from ever owning our dream appliance. So, most will just settle for canned and bottled beer, convinced that [Read more...]

Stone Brewing Announces Expansion to Europe

Stone Brewing Berlin

Stone Brewing Berlin

California’s Stone Brewing, the 10th largest craft brewer in the United States, is about to go where no craft brewery has [Read more...]