Cruise the Danube River, with Great Beer Now!

Danube River

Danube River

For world travelers, Europe rates highly. Those who have visited Europe rank the continent as one of their favorite travel destinations and those who have not visited rank Europe as one of the top world destinations they want to see someday. The reasons are many, but some that come to mind immediately are Europe’s renowned food & drink. Great Beer Now is hosting an event in [Read more...]

Doing it Live at the 2014 Beer Blogger’s Conference


Beers poured in rapid- fire succession…..Brewery reps talking at break- neck speed and trying to answer questions…..Bloggers soaking up knowledge, taking pictures, and creating quick [Read more...]

Deschutes Beer is Coming to Michigan



Deschutes Brewery announced a few days ago that its craft beers will be available in Michigan beginning October 6, 2014. The Oregon-based brewery will partner with West Side [Read more...]

Get Down with the Clown courtesy of Karbach Brewing

Photo credit: Bryan Carey

Photo credit: Bryan Carey

Do you like your beer complex and full bodied? So do I and with such a wide array of big craft beer, a rich and tasty beer is within a few minutes of most Americans homes. Several breweries serve [Read more...]

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America: All Good Things Must End



The largest celebration of craft beer in history comprised seven cities,

hundreds of breweries and thousands of beer fans

After 4,800 whirlwind miles over two weeks (July 19–Aug. 3), Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. early this month finished Beer Camp Across America, a traveling beer festival that [Read more...]